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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 321 - 22:22

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Family Drama

Nahar gets furious on seeing Saloni dancing with Yug, and he walks away. Neel tells Nahar to go to Saloni and clear the doubts, but Nahar prefers going home. Later, Saloni gets irked when Yug tells her that he had lied to her, and that Nahar is not coming. Saloni chides Yug for lying to her and walks away. An infuriated Nahar arrives home and is shocked to find Saloni at home. He does not say anything to her. Nahar then meets Neel and tells him that he is finding himself in a dilemma as he does not know what to do. Meanwhile, Padma gets irked when Kunjan decides to take Shubra with him for the party. Padma chides Kunjan and forbids Shubra from going out. Kunjan, who is drawn towards Shubra, gets peeved and changes his plan of going out. Later, Shubra subtly instigates Kunjan against Padma. The next day, Nahar leaves for office early and later phones Saloni and asks her to come to meet him at a specific place. Saloni meets Nahar and is shocked when Nahar subtly starts questioning her. Saloni gets irked and tells Nahar to ask directly what he wants to know.

Saat Phere

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