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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 326 - 21:32

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Family Drama

Everyone is shocked to see Nahar thrashing Yug. Soon, Brijesh and Neel intervene and stop Nahar from bashing Yug any further. Saloni is taken aback to see Nahar's outrageous behaviour. Saloni goes to Nahar and is shocked to see that his hand is bleeding. She tries to dress the wound, but Nahar stops Saloni. Soon, Brijesh arrives and chides Nahar. He tells Nahar that he will have to apologise to Yug. Nahar reluctantly apologises to Yug and walks away. Meanwhile, Narpat and Ambica go to Shubra's place, where Padma humiliates them. However, Padma gets irked when Kunjan confronts her and tells her to behave properly with his in-laws. He then tells Narpat and Ambica that he is very sorry for his behaviour and apologises to them. Later, Neel meets Devika and tells her Nahar's predicament. Devika feels sorry for Nahar when she comes to know that she looks exactly like his first wife, Chandni. Neel then meets Nahar, along with Devika and tells him that Devika is not Chandni. Devika apologises to Nahar and leaves. Neel then tells Nahar that they should at least pretend to believe that Devika is Chandni. If she is Chandni in reality and has returned with some mean intentions, she will get relaxed and they can keep an eye on her. Later, Saloni casually asks Nahar about Devika. Nahar gets irked to know that Saloni knows Devika. Saloni tells Nahar that she came to know about Devika only after she had sent him flowers. However, Nahar chides Saloni and accuses her of spying on him. Later, Nahar meets Chandni's uncle at a restaurant. Soon, Neel brings Devika there. Chandni's uncle is shocked to see Devika

Saat Phere

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