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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 335 - 26:40

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Family Drama

Saloni and Nahar are surprised to see everyone and decide to change their plan of leaving. Later, everyone is having a good time. However, Neel gets irked whenever he sees Nahar and Saloni close to each other. Meanwhile, Dhananjay tells Gayatri that he wants to share a secret with her, but before he can say anything, Ambica calls Gayatri to accompany her to the temple. Later in the evening, Dheer organises a special dance contest to bring Nahar and Saloni closer to each other, much to Neel's annoyance. After the contest, Nahar tells Saloni that they should return home. On the other hand, Kaveri gets irked after having a tiff with Gayatri. In order to teach her a lesson, Kaveri phones Bhanwar Singh and informs him that Gayatri's second husband is none other than Sooraj's murderer, Dhananjay.

Saat Phere

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