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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 343 - 23:19

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Family Drama

The doctor informs Rewa that the chances of Yug coming out of coma soon are bright. Meanwhile, everyone in Nahar's place is surprised when someone sends a bouquet of flowers for Nahar. Nahar is also surprised as he does not know the sender. Dheer reads the note in which the sender has apologised to Nahar. Nahar at once realises that Devika has sent the flowers to him, but he does not tell anybody. Later, Brijesh tells Nahar to go to Mumbai for some official work. Nahar asks Neel to accompany him. Nahar tells Neel that they will meet Rewa in Mumbai. Meanwhile, in order to create a rift between Kunjan and Shubra, Padma hires Chamki (Sharmilee Raj), a housemaid, and instructs her to lure Kunjan. On the other hand, Saloni phones her parents' place. Everyone is delighted to hear from Saloni. Saloni apologises to everyone for leaving without informing them. Nahar and Neel reach Mumbai and head straight to Rewa's place. Rewa is shocked to see Neel and Nahar at her place.

Saat Phere

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