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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 350 - 21:27

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Family Drama

Bhabho is shattered as Nahar leaves the house. She requests Brijesh to stop Nahar, but fails to convince him. Later, Devika phones Nahar and is shocked to know he has left his place. Devika asks Nahar to come and stay with her, but Nahar refuses to oblige. Meanwhile, Kaveri confronts her in-laws and accuses them of being selfish. Narpat and Ambica are shocked when Kaveri tells them that they are least bothered about Samar as they are finding it hard to arrange money for his operation. Samar chides Kaveri and forbids her from confronting his parents. Ambica then decides to mortgage the gold idol of Lord Krishna. Gayatri is shocked as the idol is their heirloom. However, Ambica tells Gayatri that Samar's treatment is more important than their heirloom. Gayatri and Ambica then go to a jeweler and mortgage the idol. They return home with the money, but Narpat tells Ambica that they need more money. Soon, Dhananjay arrives and gives the idol back to Ambica. He tells Ambica that he has paid the amount to the jeweler. He further gives his property documents to Narpat and tells him use it for Samar's treatment. On the other hand, Neel goes to the hospital to confirm if the patient whom Rewa has brought is Yug or not. He is shocked to see Yug. At the same juncture, Rewa also arrives and is surprised to see Neel there.

Saat Phere

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