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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 355 - 23:01

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Family Drama

Saloni is taken aback to see the sight. Nahar and Devika leave and Neel takes Saloni home. A heartbroken Saloni then decides to go back to Mumbai. Everyone is surprised by her sudden decision, but Saloni tells her parents that she has an important assignment to complete. Neel is happy as he feels that Saloni and Nahar will never patch up. Later, Devika subtly convinces Nahar to stay with her. The next day, Ambica and Gayatri bump into Dheer at the hospital, who informs them about Nahar and Devika's alleged affair. Narpat and Samar are equally shocked when Ambica and Gayatri inform them about Nahar's affair. Meanwhile, Padma also comes to know about Nahar's alleged affair with Devika and taunts Shubra. She then goes to Narpat's place and talks sarcastically with them. Later, Aditi is discharged from the hospital, but she refuses to go home with Brijesh. She tells Brijesh that she will stay with Nahar and will return only when Nahar returns. Devika welcomes Aditi and Dheer and tells them that they can stay with her. Finally, Brijesh bows and phones Nahar. Soon, Nahar, Aditi and Dheer return home along with Devika. Devika feels elated as she is allowed to stay in Nahar's mansion. On the other hand, Saloni gets shocked when the vermillion case falls down suddenly.

Saat Phere

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