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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 358 - 23:34

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Family Drama

Saloni is shocked and finds it hard to believe that Nahar is seeking a divorce from her. Neel is elated and subtly instigates Saloni against Nahar. He tells Saloni that Nahar has revealed his true colours and she should not hesitate in divorcing him. However, Saloni does not say anything and walks away. Later, Nahar is surprised when he also gets a notice from Saloni. He reads the notice and gets shocked to know that Saloni is seeking a divorce from him. He immediately calls everyone and tells Brijesh that Saloni has shown her true colours. Bhabho, Brijesh and Tara are confident that Saloni can never seek a divorce from Nahar, but Nahar does not believe them. In a fit of rage, he signs the document. Brijesh and Tara decide to meet Saloni's parents. Saloni's parents are shocked when Tara and Brijesh inform them about the notice. Brijesh asks Ambica to convince Saloni to change her decision. However, Ambica tells Brijesh that Saloni has suffered a lot and she supports her decision. The next day, Saloni decides to talk to Nahar and phones him. Devika answers the phone and purposely gives the impression to Saloni that she is having a good time with Nahar. Saloni is shattered and decides to sign the divorce paper.

Saat Phere

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