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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 361 - 24:11

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Family Drama

Tara is shocked to see Devika coming out from Chandni's room. She gets suspicious and decides to inform Nahar. But soon, Nahar arrives and Devika herself tells him that she had ventured into the room. She tells Nahar that she is surprised to see the room as it looks like ruins. She then innocently asks Nahar the reason behind it. Nahar gets depressed and tells Devika that he is in no mood to share the incident. Tara informs Brijesh about it. Brijesh too gets suspicious and tells Tara to keep a close eye on Devika. The next day, Padma and her family visit Narpat's place. Padma is surprised to find that Narpat's family is not celebrating 'Holi'. She sarcastically asks about Dhananjay. Gayatri feels bad, but does not say anything. Soon, Dhananjay arrives. After giving jewelry for his daughter, he leaves. Saloni urges Gayatri to forgive Dhananjay and start life afresh with him. Gayatri is convinced and patches up with Dhananjay. Soon, the Narpat family starts celebrating 'Holi'. Meanwhile, Bhabho gets irked with the celebrations and tells Dheer that they should not celebrate 'Holi' as Saloni is not with them. However, Aditi does not feel that they should ruin their festivities because of Saloni. Devika, on the other hand, subtly forces Nahar to drink 'Bhaang' (A drink laced with narcotic). Meanwhile, Saloni is shocked when Neel indirectly proposes to her. Saloni makes it clear that she cannot think of anyone else apart from Nahar. Neel then tells Saloni that Nahar is having a good time with Devika and takes her to Nahar's place. Saloni is shocked to see Nahar dancing and celebrating 'Holi' with Devika.

Saat Phere

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