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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 377 - 22:42

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Family Drama

Nahar gets furious and chides Tara for keeping him in the dark. Soon, Bhabho arrives and finds Nahar angry. Nahar confronts Bhabho for going out with Saloni. However, Bhabho asserts that she still considers Saloni her daughter. Meanwhile, Samar tries to talk to Saloni to remarry, but Saloni makes it clear that she is not interested in remarrying. Neel gets irked. He then phones his aide and gets elated when he comes to know that they have found Yug. He tells him to get hold of Yug in the hospital before he leaves. Devika overhears his conversation and manages to get hold of Yug. She then meets Neel and informs him that Yug is with her and she will hand him over only after he gives her the royal seal. Neel gets furious, but agrees. Devika then tells Neel to meet her at the temple the next day and assures him that she will bring Yug. The next day, Bhabho and Tara trick Devika and subtly force her to keep a fast. Later, when Devika decides to leave to meet Neel, Tara makes her attend the religious ceremony where Saloni is also present but remains unnoticed. Meanwhile, at the temple, Neel is anxiously waiting for Devika. On the other hand, Kaveri decides to inform Nahar that Saloni has come to his place to attend the religious ceremony.

Saat Phere

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