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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 385 - 21:32

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Family Drama

Nahar is shocked when Gayatri tells him about Ambica's plan to get Saloni remarried. Nahar is dejected as he feels that he has lost Saloni forever. However, Brijesh and Bhabho encourage him to get Saloni back in his life and teach a lesson to Neel. Everyone then rushes to the temple. Meanwhile, Saloni is shocked and finds it hard to believe that Ambica has decided to get her married to Neel. She makes it clear that she cannot marry anyone as she is already married to Nahar. However, Neel tells Saloni that Nahar does not love her any more. Even Samar tells Saloni that it is high time she forgets her past and starts her life afresh. However, Saloni remains unmoved. On the other hand, Nahar and Brijesh are shocked when Neel's goons block their way and attack them. However, Nahar, Brijesh and Dheer thrash the goons. Later, Brijesh tells Nahar to go to the temple with Yug, while he and Dheer tackle the goons. Dheer and Brijesh soon manage to overpower the goons. Saloni is shocked when Ambica makes it clear that she will end her life if she does not marry Neel. Saloni is in a dilemma, but before she can take any decision, Nahar arrives. Samar is furious, while Neel gets worried to see Nahar. Nahar apologises to Saloni for not trusting her and tells her that the misunderstanding was created by Neel. Soon, Yug also arrives and tells Saloni that Neel had hired him to create a rift between her and Nahar.

Saat Phere

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