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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 387 - 23:45

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Family Drama

Saloni finds Nahar walking away dejectedly. She goes to him, who apologises to her. Nahar tells Saloni that he is feeling very miserable as he failed to trust her. However, Saloni tells him to let the bygones be bygones and start their relationship afresh. Saloni receives a warm welcome at home. Meanwhile, Padma gets irked as Chamki refuses to obey her orders. Chamki makes it clear that she is soon going to become her daughter-in-law, much to Padma's annoyance. Later, Ambica informs Samar that Saloni has invited them for dinner, but Samar tells Ambica that he can't go to Saloni's place as he has some important meeting to attend. Later, everyone is enjoying the get-together at Saloni's place. Suddenly everyone gets irked when Neel turns up there. Nahar chides Neel and tells him to leave at once. However, Neel tells Nahar that he has come to apologise. He tells everyone that apart from betraying Saloni's trust, he has committed one more sin. Everyone is shocked when he tells them that he has provided asylum to Chandni and Padam Singh. Moreover, he has also given the royal seal to Chandni.

Saat Phere

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