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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 397 - 21:55

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Family Drama

Brijesh feels bad for Tara when he sees her cleaning the guest house. However, Tara tells him that there is nothing bad in doing her own work. She further tells Brijesh that she is feeling sorry for Saloni as she is the one who is suffering the most. Later, Chandni asks Nahar to join her for dinner. Soon, Brijesh and everyone else also arrive. However, Padam Singh forbids Brijesh from having dinner with him. He insults Brijesh by offering him dinner in a derogatory manner. Brijesh chides Padam Singh for insulting the food and walks away without eating. His family follows him. Chandni then asks Nahar to have dinner with her, but he too walks away. Nahar tells Chandni that he will eat only after his family is treated with dignity. The next day, Padam Singh tells Dheer that he will have to work for him in order to earn his daily bread. Bhabho feels bad and tells Padam Singh that Dheer is the son-in-law of their family, but Padam Singh remains unmoved. Dheer later decides to join hands with Padam Singh so that he stands to benefit. Meanwhile, Chandni gets elated when she finds Nahar sleeping. Chandni then purposely applies marks of her lipstick on Nahar's face so that it makes Bhabho feel that she had spent a good time with him.

Saat Phere

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