Mala Saasu Havi 7 February, Episode 145 - 20:48

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Family Drama

Mala Saasu Havi' is a never seen before hunt by a daughter-in-law for her mother-in-law.

A son's marriage is a big day in every mother's life. She harbors the thought of finding a doting daughter-in-law herself right since the birth of her son. It features on her to-do-list as soon as her son starts earning !! And thus begins one helluva ride of endless meetings & awkward questions to intimidated potential brides, projecting her son as the most eligible bachelor in town..

Scouting for potential candidates at every wedding, social function et al becomes a routine. And finally the mother-in-law brings home the BEST daughter-in-law with all pomp & fanfare. Zee Marathi brings to you all of this with its new show...with just one small twist!!

Here a daughter-in-law, Mira has vowed to bring home a mother-in-law for herself in Mala Saasu Havi

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