Afsar Bitiya 3 October, Episode 207 - 20:42

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Family Drama

In the October 3 episode of Afsar Bitiya, Saraswati scolds Krishna as she had not informed her earlier about her trip to Bhopal. Chanchal jokingly comments that Pintu must have kidnapped Krishna and taken her along with him to Bhopal. Babloo goes to meet Pinky and asks her not to marry him. He also asks her to convince Bihari and Dihati to change their decision regarding her marriage. Tuntun Singh gets furious at Pintu as he had taken Krishna along with him to Bhopal. Pintu gets furious when Tuntun Singh insults Krishna. Their argument gets interrupted when Pinky along with Bihari and Dihati arrive in the house. Pintu gets irritated as Pinky was trying to befriend Sonu. Later, Babloo gets shocked when Sonu tells his family that he wanted Pinky to be his mother. He further gets shocked when Pinky agrees to marry him. Later, Babloo angrily questions Pinky why she accepted the marriage alliance. Pinky reasons out that she likes Sonu and hence had agreed to marry Babloo. Krishna gets shocked when she learns about Babloo and Pinky's marriage alliance. Both, Krishna and Pintu decide to stop Pinky from marrying Babloo. Watch latest "Afsar Bitiya" Episodes on


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