Hitler Didi 25 September, Episode 229 - 21:14

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Family Drama

In the September 25 episode of Hitler Didi, Rishi sees the news broadcasted on television which mentions about Zara's suspension from the police force. Back in Mumbai, Zara gets interviewed by a group of journalist who question about her loyalty towards the police force. Indu gets elated when India wins the cricket match. She expresses her excitement with the neighbouring children. Savita gets irritated with the commotion Indu and the other children were creating and so she scolds them. Just before Indu could trouble Savita, Munna arrives at the spot and stops her. A certain person secretly clicks Indu's photographs. Shweta learns from Rishi that he left his parent's house as they never loved him. Shweta points out that like Rishi, Indu would begin to hate them if he does not change his behaviour towards her. Zara calls Rishi up and tells him that she does not care about the accusations charged against her. Rishi decides to rent out the top section of the house to Mr Khan. Munna complains about Rishi's decision. Rishi tells Munna that he has treasured Indira's memories in his heart. He adds that he wanted to start life afresh with Shweta as he is concerned about Indu's future. Shweta gets elated on overhearing their conversation. Watch latest "Hitler Didi" Episodes on http://www.zeetv.com

Weighed down considerably by the enormous responsibility of single-handedly providing for her large family, young Indira Sharma (played by Rati Pandey) throws herself into the daunting task and the well-being of her family becomes her sole agenda in life. In facing the daily challenges thrown her way on both the home and work front, she loses her sense of humour, her ability to feel finer emotions and becomes a regimental disciplinarian, a workaholic and a perfectionist who is almost always on the verge of losing her cool. Enter then, Rishi (played by Sumit Vats), a tenant whose sunny smile, light-hearted wit and jovial spirit comes like a breath of fresh air for a family that is beginning to feel exasperated under the reign of their Hitler Didi. Will sparks fly when such sharply contrasting personalities cross paths under the same roof? Will Rishi be successful in getting Indira to smile, dream and love all over again? Only time will tell!

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