Afsar Bitiya 24 September, Episode 200 - 20:40

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Family Drama

In the September 24 episode of Afsar Bitiya, Tuntun Singh, Babloo and Ganga get apprehensive when they fail to find Sonu in the house. Without wasting time, they quickly inform Pintu about it. Krishna decides to go along with Pintu to his house. While searching for Sonu, Krishna comes across the washroom which could not be opened. She believes Sonu was locked in that particular washroom. She immediately calls the rest of the family members in the room. Pintu and Babloo break the door. They get shocked when they find Sonu lying unconscious. The family breathes a sigh of relief when Sonu gains consciousness. Later, Tuntun Singh asks Pintu to drop Krishna home. Krishna gets surprised when she finds Saraswati sitting outside the house. Watch latest "Afsar Bitiya" Episodes on


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