Uncha Maza Zoka 17 September, Episode 170 - 20:07

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Family Drama

Uncha Majha Zoka' which is based on the subject of child marriage that existed during late 19th century.

Unch Maaza Zhoka is the story of 11 year old Yamuna who lives with her parents in a small village in Satara district. She is very innocent, lives in her own world, without any understanding of worldly matters.

Madhavrao Ranade, lives in an ancestral wada in Pune and is a learned man from an affluent family. At the age of 33, his interest lies in books and knowledge. He has lost his wife and with her, the interest in love and marriage. His heart is still mourning the death of his beloved wife.

Through a common family acquaintance, her marriage is fixed with Madhavrao Ranade.

Yamuna, lost in her childhood, tries hard to be the responsible newly-wed looking after her husband's needs as her mother taught her. Madhavrao, on his part makes Yamuna understand the importance of knowledge in one's life… However, his family believes otherwise!

Thus begins the journey of little Yamuna as she transcends the social boundaries, enduring the opposition and ill treatment by the ladies of the family, balancing her innocence as a child and the expectations as a wife, without disrespecting the values instilled in her by her parents.

How Yamuna transforms into Ramabai marks the turning point in her life

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