Afsar Bitiya 17 September, Episode 195 - 20:39

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Family Drama

In the September 17 episode of Afsar Bitiya, Pinky gets irritated when Krishna and Pintu are announced as the finalist of Mr and Mrs Bhagalpur contest. She assures Tuntun Singh that Krishna and Pintu would not win the contest. She asks Tuntun Singh to arrive at the venue. Pinky learns that Pintu works for the organisers who had held the competition. She instigates the fellow contestants against Pintu. Krishna requests the contestants to allow her to explain. Meanwhile, Tuntun Singh tells Ganga that he wants to attend Mr and Mrs Bhagalpur contest. Krishna convinces Pintu to resign from his post. The judges allow Krishna and Pintu to participate in the contest. Based on rules related to the contest, Pinky refuses to allow Krishna and Pintu to participate. Krishna points out that Pinky was breaking the rules as she was judging the contest while her parents are the contestants. Watch latest "Afsar Bitiya" Episodes on


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