Pavitra Rishta 12 August, Episode 318 - 20:52

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Family Drama

Sulochana comes home to meet Manohar and he informs her that Archana is in the hospital with Manav. Sulochana gets shocked on knowing about the incident and feels that Archana should not be with Manav as Shravani would not like it. Just as Manav and Archana are about to leave from the hospital the neighboring lady dies. While breathing her last, the lady blesses Manav and Archana to be together always. They come back home and Damodar tells them that he is sure that someday Manav and Archana will be together again. Manav tells Archana to go back home as he is feeling well now but Archana refuses. Manjusha blames Sulochana of being negligent as she does not get Pooni back from school. Archana and Manav remember the time they both had spent together.

Pavitra Rishta talks about the strong emotional bond that every daughter shares with her mother. This interesting saga brings in the flavor of the mother-daughter relationship and a mother's search for a desirable match for her daughter. This show has been shot in a modest environment sans any glamour and grandeur. It essays a middle-class household's routine and lifestyle. The practical nuances of the story will be felt and lived by all those who watch the show.
Pavitra Rishta is the story of Archana, who is not highly-educated but handles the entire house work impeccably. Though every one is dependant on her no one really values her importance, except her brother and mother.
Her mother has a sole aim of getting a good, well-educated boy drawing a good salary for Archana. Because of wish, Archana's marriage plans have always been full of obstacles.
Simultaneously, runs the story of Manav, a garage owner, who gets besotted by Archana at first sight.
Destiny and circumstances make his marriage proposal reach Archana but to be accepted he has to lie about his credentials, which because of unavoidable situations he does. The marriage takes place but the moment Archana comes to know about the lie she refuses to go with Manav. The story proceeds from here - finally bringing the made for each other couple together.


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