Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 28 June, Episode 30 - 21:28

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Family Drama

Mayank interrupts their conversation and enquires with Rachna why she had left her hair and applied kajal. Rachna gets apprehensive as she recollects the conversation wherein the stalker had praised her. Without uttering a word, Rachna decides to go to her room. Mayank stops Rachna and asks her what was bothering her. Mayank asks Rachna to dress up properly as Charu's family would come over to their house any moment. Rachna thanks Chaya for being around with her when she met the stalker in the market. She tells Chaya that she did not know that she had been chatting with a boy. Chaya assures Rachna that the stalker would not bother to trouble her as he was Mayank's friend. Charu and her parents come over for dinner. Gunjan notices the family and wishes if Sneha would be present with her. Sheil notices Gunjan and asks her to come over for dinner. During dinner, Gunjan gets irritated to see Charu and Mayank glancing romantically at each other. Dayal feels that even though Charu and Gunjan were of the same age, they had different attitude towards life. Charu's parents ask for Mayank's hand in marriage. Mayank's parents agree for the marriage. Dayal too agrees. Seema gets elated and distributes sweets. She deliberately does not give sweets to Gunjan. Sheil notices it, however does not speak a word. She later lovingly gives a sweet to Gunjan. Dayal decides to hold Charu and Mayank's engagement in two days. Charu goes and seeks blessings from the elders. Seema mockingly states that Charu was very traditional unlike the modern girls in the society. She was referring to Gunjan. Gunjan gets upset on hearing it. After the guests left, Sheil asks Rachna and Gunjan to help her in washing the dishes. While wiping dishes, Rachna thinks about her meeting with the stalker and ends up breaking one plate. On hearing the noise, Sheil and Seema enter the kitchen. Gunjan asks Rachana to go and rest. Sheil gets elated when Gunjan volunteers to pick up the pieces. Seema complains to Sheil that Gunjan had not yet congratulated her. Sheil compels Gunjan to congratulate Seema. The other sister-in-law complains about Gunjan's behavior. Seema adds that Gunjan does not respect them yet she cared about her. Gunjan enquires with Rachna regarding her apprehension. Rachna takes the opportunity and decides to inform Gunjan about her meeting with the stalker.

Gunjan, is a smart, suave 17 year old Mumbai, big city girl, who has a wonderful relationship with her mother Sneha. Tragically, Sneha is diagnosed with cancer and dies soon leaving behind a lifetime of void in her young daughter Gunjan's life.  Her dad wants to take her to Australia with him where he has a big business, but Gunjan's maasi, Shail now takes her under her wings and requests her to come and stay with her. Gunjan now moves to Banaras with her maasi. Here in the city of Banaras, in her masi's home has to share her room with Rachna, Shail's 16 year old daughter. Gunjan  from her own nuclear family in Mumbai nowcomes to Banaras to live in a joint family headed by Dayal (Rachna's father) who runs a garment shop and lives with his two brothers and their family under one roof.  Gunjan is told to share the room with RACHNA a long haired girl, wearing a loose suit so that her figure cannot be seen properly, her eyebrows still not made – a complete contrast to Gunjan. Rachna is brought up in a very traditional and conservative manner in a middle class Banaras household. Shail's husband, Dayal, Rachna's father has laid down strict rules and regulations for Rachna. However, Gunjan has been brought up in a free and spirited environment in Mumbai, now begins to feel a little stuck in the small town of Banaras, but for Rachna, Gunjan is like a window to a world that she has neither lived or wants to experience. Thus begins the story of Gunjan and Rachna, a story of young girls who are like  chalk and cheese – one is smart and suave and the other gawky and awkward. Gunjan speaks without thinking and Rachna has been taught to never question anything. Rachna has an elder sister Pihu who was married early and she knew her father Dayal  wanted a son the second time and has not loved her that much but she is her mother's ladli. Rachna  has also vowed never to do anything which may upset her father and the brunt comes on her mother. Gunjan finds herself in this whirlwind situation where she has to adjust to the new family and specially Rachna. On the other hand gunjan is like a “new attraction” a “ajooba” to Rachna's family.  After the initial conflict between the two sisters, slowly they  form a bond…they both are head strong girls but both nice at heart.   Will they get to enjoy those wonder years before they are pressurised by their families to get  married and live a life that's expected from them? Will Gunjan and Rachna bring the change in the life's of women who wants to relive their aspirations? Will Gunjan and Rachna become the role models for the sisters who have left their relations in keeping up with their own family responsibilities? Will they bring back the sweet memories of sibling bond and love once more in forefront ? This is a story of love, everlasting friendship, the joys of sharing & caring, the fights and the make ups between sisters who may not be related by blood but form a connection that completes each other.

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