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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 98 - 21:23

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Family Drama

Kaveri tells everyone that she wanted to help Shubra as she feels that no one is going to marry her after knowing about her pregnancy. However, Narpat and Ambica chide Kaveri. Later in the night, Saloni gets worried when she again notices that Nahar is missing from their room. She goes to search for him and gets shocked when Nahar suddenly arrives. Nahar gets shocked when he accidentally slips a key and Saloni notices it. However, Nahar quickly makes up a story. The next day, Manno Bhabhi arrives and chides everyone for not informing her about Shubra's pregnancy. She then tells Ambica to take Shubra to her doctor. On the other hand, Tara asks Saloni to accompany her to the hospital to visit her cousin who has delivered a baby. When Kaveri comes to know that Manno Bhabhi has taken Shubra to another doctor, she gets tense as she feels that she will be exposed. She immediately calls Shubra and tells her to return without consulting the doctor, but Manno Bhabhi chides Kaveri and tells her to mind her own business. Later, Saloni and Tara arrive at the same hospital where Shubra, Manno Bhabhi and Ambica are. Saloni sees Shubra entering the doctor's cabin and gets suspicious. She tries to overhear their conversation and gets shocked to know that Shubra is pregnant.

Saat Phere

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