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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 91 - 23:11

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Family Drama

Kaveri feels elated and decides to keep Shubra's pregnancy news hidden. She makes a story and tells Shubra that there is nothing to worry as there is a mild infection. Meanwhile, Saloni meets Brijesh and expresses her apologies on Kaveri's behalf. However, she feels good when Brijesh tells her that there is no need to apologise. On the contrary, he tells Saloni to try and win Aditi's heart as she is still angry with her. Later, Brijesh is surprised when Rewa phones him and tells him that she is planning to start a music school in his city. Brijesh tells her that she can use their farmhouse, much to Tara's dismay. Tara tells Brijesh that one of her cousins was supposed to use their farmhouse. Finally, Saloni manages to pacify Aditi and feels relieved. Nahar is equally elated with this news. Meanwhile, in order to confirm her pregnancy, Kaveri manages to convince Shubra to get her urine test done. Later in the night, Saloni gets worried when she does not find Nahar on the bed. She searches for him in the entire house, but does not find him anywhere. Later, she gets shocked when Nahar enters the room suspiciously.

Saat Phere

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