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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 86 - 22:56

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Family Drama

Aditi is still not convinced and asserts that Saloni does not have any right to stay with them as she has disgraced their family. Brijesh gets furious and chides Aditi. He makes it clear that since Nahar is convinced with Saloni's integrity, they have no right to question her. Aditi walks away angrily. Meanwhile, Kaveri fears that, sooner or later, Karan will expose her also. Kaveri calls her father and tells him that she wants to meet him. On the other hand, Bhabho tries her best to convince Aditi to forgive Saloni, but her efforts go in vain. Later, Dheer gets shocked when Aditi starts packing her bag and tells him that she has decided to leave. Dheer, who is keen on staying back, tries to convince Aditi to change her mind, but she remains adamant. Everyone is shocked with Aditi's decision. Aditi makes it clear that she will stay back only when Saloni is shown the door. Saloni feels bad as she holds herself responsible for the entire mess. She apologises to Aditi and requests her to stay back. Aditi changes her mind.

Saat Phere

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