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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 78 - 21:39

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Family Drama

Nilima chides Saloni and walks away. Nahar too is shocked with Saloni's sudden outburst. Saloni feels bad when Nahar questions her and walks away. However, a bystander in the pub tells Nahar that Saloni slapped Ravi because he was misbehaving with her. Nahar gets furious and asks Saloni about it. When Saloni narrates the whole incident, Nahar gets infuriated and decides to settle scores with Ravi. He warns Ravi of dire consequences if he ever tries to come close to Saloni. Saloni feels bad and holds herself responsible for Nahar's bad mood. In order to cheer him up, Saloni calls Bhabho who tells her that Nahar is fond of a special type of sweet dish. Saloni calls room service but gets dejected when they tell her that they don't serve the particular sweet dish. Nonetheless, Saloni manages to convince them to let her prepare the dish. Nahar is impressed with this gesture. Meanwhile, Narpat is shocked when the senior police inspector, ACP Rungta, arrives at his place unannounced. Rungta shows Narpat the anklet and Ambica tells them that it belongs to Saloni. Narpat and Ambica are shocked when Rungta tells them that the anklet was found near the dead body of Sumesh.

Saat Phere

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