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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 82 - 22:53

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Family Drama

Saloni narrates the whole incident to Neel and tells him that she had gone there to take the video tapes from Sumesh as he was blackmailing her. Saloni further tells Neel that after giving the video tape, Sumesh tried to rape her, but she managed to escape after pushing him hard. Neel tells Saloni that he got suspicious when he saw her going out on her wedding day, and was shocked when he found Sumesh lying in a pool of blood. Rungta overhears their conversation and tells Saloni that they have found the weapon which was used to kill Sumesh. Saloni feels relieved when Rungta tells her that the fingerprints on the weapon do not match with hers. Meanwhile, Nahar loses his cool when Aditi and Dheer urge him to divorce Saloni. Nahar makes it clear that he is not going to divorce Saloni. Dheer and Aditi tell Brijesh that Saloni's detention is maligning their reputation and their business is also getting affected. On the other hand, Rungta manages to convince Saloni to give him the video tape so that they can find the main culprit. Saloni comes to Nahar's place to get the tape, but gets shocked when she does not find it there.

Saat Phere

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