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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 72 - 23:13

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Family Drama

Saloni receives a grand welcome by everyone in Nahar's family. She is overwhelmed with joy to see the love and affection of the family towards her. Later, Saloni gets worried when Rewa tells her that she did not see Neel at the wedding. Meanwhile, everyone in Saloni's place is missing her. Shubra gets irked when Kaveri instigates her against Saloni. On the other hand, Rewa gets shocked when she meets Aapji, who tells her that Neel has not returned from Saloni's wedding. Rewa immediately calls Nahar, who gets equally shocked. Nahar assures Rewa that, together, they will find Neel. However, their extensive search for Neel remains fruitless. Later, Rewa is taken aback when she gets a call from the police station, informing her about Neel's arrest. Rewa tells Nahar that Neel has been detained by the cops on charges of murder.

Saat Phere

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