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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 73 - 22:17

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Family Drama

Rewa asks Nahar to return to his place as Saloni will be waiting for him and she heads towards police station. Rewa meets Neel and is shocked when he tells her that he has committed the crime. Rewa does not believe Neel and tells him that she will probe the matter and find out the truth. Meanwhile, Kaveri is taken aback when she calls the hotel and comes to know that Sumesh is dead. On the other hand, Nahar is looking serious which makes Brijesh worried. He asks Nahar the reason, but Nahar makes a story and tells him that he is feeling very tired. He then goes into his room, only to find Saloni fast asleep.

Saat Phere

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Saat phere

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