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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 75 - 23:16

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Family Drama

Before Ishan can play the video, Saloni stops him and takes the cassette. At the same juncture, Samar and Kaveri arrive to take Saloni and Nahar to their place. Kaveri gets shocked to see the video cassette in Saloni's hand and at once realises that it is the same tape. Saloni immediately hides it in her room. Meanwhile, Nahar meets Neel and tries his best to convince him to speak the truth, but fails miserably. Nahar feels dejected but assures Rewa that he will try his best to help Neel. Ambica and Narpat are elated when Saloni and Nahar arrive. Saloni then meets Shubra and slaps her for making the blunder. She chides Shubra for forgetting their values and getting intimate with Karan. Shubra is shocked and apologises for everything. Meanwhile, the senior police officer (Sanjeev Seth) interrogates Neel. Neel is shocked when the officer shows him the anklet which they had found near the scene of crime. On the other hand, Saloni gets worried when Tara, who is seeing her jewelries, tells her that one of her anklet is missing. At the same time, Neel is taken aback as he knows that the anklet belongs to Saloni.

Saat Phere

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