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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 57 - 20:30

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Family Drama

Nahar warns Neel of dire consequences if he ever tries to meet Saloni, and walks away, leaving Neel disheartened. Later, Neel is surprised when Rewa arrives at his place unannounced. Rewa, who is aware of Saloni's engagement, tells Neel that he should not give up easily and urges him to try to persuade Saloni once again. However, Neel tells her that he has lost all hopes. Meanwhile, although Saloni has decided to confess about Neel to Nahar, she finds herself in a dilemma as she does not know if she will be able to tell him. Later, Saloni is surprised when Rewa calls her and ask her to meet. Rewa accuses Saloni of ruining Neel's life and also of being selfish. Rewa also tells her that she will never let her marry someone else at the cost of Neel's happiness. However, Rewa is surprised when Saloni tells her that she is happy to know that she cares so much for Neel and indirectly asks her to marry Neel. Saloni tells Rewa that she knows she is in love with Neel, but Rewa tells Saloni that it's too late now. When Saloni reaches home, she is surprised to know that Nahar has been calling her. Ambica tells Saloni that Nahar has invited her to his place. Saloni goes to Nahar's place and is shocked to see Rewa there.

Saat Phere

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