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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 37 - 23:48

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Family Drama

Tara eventually manages to convince Saloni to get married to Nahar. Everyone in Saloni's place feel relieved to know this. However, Kaveri is not happy and she instigates Shubra against Saloni. When Shubra comes to know that Saloni has given her consent to marry Nahar, she loses her cool and confronts her parents. Meanwhile, Neel decides to meet Saloni and speak his heart out. He tells Rewa that he is planning to visit his hometown and assures her that he will return soon. Rewa allows Neel to go, much to Mandy's dismay. On the other hand, Saloni tries her best to pacify Shubra, but fails miserably. The next day, Shubra feels bad when her friends at college make fun of her when they come to know that her alliance with Nahar has been called off. An infuriated Shubra then vows to marry a richer and more handsome man than Nahar. However, before she can enter the college, she gets rammed by a car.

Saat Phere

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