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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 43 - 21:33

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Family Drama

Ambica shows the door to Neel and forbids him from ever trying to meet Saloni. However, while leaving, Neel tells Saloni that he will be waiting for her in the evening at a restaurant. Ambica feels worried and tells Narpat, but he assures her that Saloni will never do anything to malign them. Meanwhile, Brijesh asks Nahar to attend a business meeting on his behalf as he was going out with Tara. On the other hand, Ambica is shocked when Saloni expresses her desire to meet Neel for the last time so that she can explain everything to him. Though Ambica prohibits Saloni from meeting Neel, Narpat allows her to go. Neel is elated to see Saloni, but soon gets shocked when Saloni tells him that he will have to forget her. Saloni convinces Neel to concentrate on his career. However, she is shocked to see Nahar there.

Saat Phere

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