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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 31 - 21:56

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Family Drama

Manno Bhabhi pacifies Ambica and convinces her that Nahar is the best match for Shubra. Shubra is also elated with this news. Later, Aapji calls Saloni's place, but Kaveri receives the call. Kaveri is shocked to know that Saloni has paid Neel's hospital bill amounting to 4 lacs. In order to humiliate Saloni, Kaveri removes 4 lacs from her bag and hides it and raises a false alarm. Narpat gets furious when Kaveri tells him that she suspects Saloni. However, before Narpat can say anything, Aapji again calls. Samar receives the call and is shocked when Aapji tells him that he is thankful to Saloni for bearing the cost of Neel's operation by paying 4 lacs. Everyone is shocked and feels that Saloni has indeed stolen the money. When Saloni returns from the temple, she is shocked to know that she is being accused of stealing. Before Saloni can clarify the misconception, Kaveri calls the police.

Saat Phere

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