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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 2 - 22:18

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Family Drama

Saloni feels upset when Padma demands a dowry of 2.5 million rupees for her marriage. She feels that she is being traded just because of her dark complexion. Narpat is taken aback when Ambica seems convinced about Padma's theory. Ambica tells Narpat that it is difficult to get a proposal for Saloni because of her dark complexion. Narpat feels offended and gets angry with Ambica. However, Ambica remains adamant and urges Narpat to meet Padma's demand. At this juncture, Manno Bhabhi advises them to fix Samar's alliance with Vijay Singh's daughter and demand a dowry from them so that they can then use the money for Saloni's marriage. On the other hand, Kaveri introduces Samar to her father, Chaudhary. Chaudhary gets impressed when he comes to know that Samar is Narpat's son. Later, Manno Bhabhi informs Narpat that she has fixed Samar's alliance. Samar is shocked with this news. Narpat and Ambica then explain to him the circumstances under which they have taken this decision. Shubra overhears this conversation and later instigates Samar against their parents' decision. Further, she accuses Saloni of Samar being forced into the marriage because of her. Saloni is shocked when Shubra tells her that the dowry which Samar will receive will be used for her marriage.

Saat Phere

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