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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 13 - 21:29

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Family Drama

Saloni is shocked to know that Neel loves her. When Ritu, Saloni's friend, comes to know of this, she suggests to Saloni to elope and get married to Neel. Meanwhile, Ambica tells Manno Bhabhi about her dilemma as she does not have money to give to Padma. Manno Bhabhi urges Ambica to get the money from Kaveri diplomatically. Shubra overhears this conversation and tells Kaveri to be careful as Ambica is planning to use the money on Saloni's wedding. Later, Ambica meets Kaveri and asks for the money which Chaudhary has given her. However, before she can say anything else, Narpat calls her. On the other hand, Saloni is taken aback when Gayatri also encourages her to run away and get married to Neel. However, Saloni does not feel it right to disgrace her family for her happiness. Later, Ambica is shocked when Kaveri deliberately gives her money in front of Narpat.

Saat Phere

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