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Saat phere 15 September, Episode 23 - 22:42

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Family Drama

Saloni is shattered and tells Aapji that she has breached her parents' trust. Aapji suggests to Saloni to go back to her parents' place, but Saloni tells Aapji that she cannot leave Neel in such a critical condition. Rewa meets Saloni and assures her that Neel will be all right, but they are shocked when the doctor tells them that they need a donor to donate kidney as both the kidneys of Neel have been damaged. Aapji and Saloni volunteer to donate their kidneys. Rewa is impressed with this. The doctor tells Aapji and Saloni that if their blood groups match with Neel, only then they can donate their kidneys. Later, Aapji meets the doctor and requests him to tell Saloni that her blood group does not match with Neel as there would be problem for her if her family comes to know of this. On the other hand, Saloni is shocked when her alter ego confronts her and urges her to admit that she loves Neel.

Saat Phere

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Saat phere

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