Afsar Bitiya 24 February, Episode 50 - 21:31

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Family Drama

Pintu is upset with the fact that Tuntun announced his engagement with Pinky for the following day. Engrossed with Krishna's thoughts, Pintu is unable to sleep through the night. He recollects the various incidents that had taken place between them in the past few days. Krishna too wakes up startled as she too dreams about Pintu. Bablu meets Deputy Collector KK Singh and enquires about Krishna's performance in the interview round. KK Singh informs Bablu that Krishna had fared well in her interview. He adds that Krishna would be a successful person in her life. Bablu tries to prove Krishna innocent by stating that she did not mean to bribe him earlier. KK Singh states that he was aware about it and suspected that someone had purposely laid a trap for Krishna Krishna arrives at Pinky's house to get her ready for the engagement ceremony. Dihati makes Krishna offer breakfast to Pinky and tend to her. Bablu gets furious on learning that Tuntun had announced Pinky and Pintu's engagement. He complains that none of his family members informed him about it. Bablu wonders why Pintu meekly accepted Tuntun's orders. Pintu and his family arrive at Bihari's residence for the engagement ceremony. Bihari welcomes them. Bablu who had earlier refused to accompany the family too joins in for the sake of Pintu. Pintu's eyes remain glued to Krishna all through the event. His eyes trail her wherever she goes or stands much to Pinky's irritation. Pinky excitedly makes Pintu wear the ring. However, when it is Pintu's turn, he half-heartedly takes the ring but keeps turning back to glance at Krishna. The ring accidentally slips from his hand much to everyone's shock.


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