Afsar Bitiya 23 February, Episode 49 - 20:56

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Family Drama

Tuntun and Ganga arrive in the hospital and enquire with the nurse about Pinky. The nurse tells him not to worry as Krishna had convinced the doctor to start Pinky's treatment. Tuntun gets furious and decides to teach Krishna a lesson. In the hospital, Krishna prays for Pinky. When Dihati sees Krishna, she holds her responsible for Pinky's health. Dihati accuses Krishna of trying to trap Pintu with her charms, even after knowing that Pinky was set to marry him. Vidyapati intervenes and tells Dihati to mind her tongue. Pintu gets furious when Dihati curses that Krishna must have died soon after her birth. He holds Krishna's hand and drags her out of the hospital. He asks her to return home. Vidyapati, Ravi and Chanchal follow them. Meanwhile, the doctor informs the family not to worry. The family is relieved when the doctor further informs them that Pinky would soon recover. Pinky rejoices on learning that Tuntun has selected a mahurat for the following day for her engagement with Pintu. Ganga is left shocked. After Pinky gets discharged from the hospital, Dihati visits Krishna's house. She apologizes to Saraswati and invites the family for Pinky and Pintu's engagement. Pinky intervenes and states that she would not get engaged to Pintu, if Vidyapati and Saraswati refused to attend the ceremony. Before leaving, Dihati personally invites Krishna to make her feel all the more awful.


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