Guntata Hridaya He 6 January, Episode 159 - 20:43

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Family Drama


An intriguing, intense, story that is bound to keep you hooked. ‘Guntata Hriday He’ is a story of a couple Vikram and Nayana. Vikram by profession is a renowned architect from Mumbai, who is a 50% partner in ‘Dhurandhar & Dhurandhar’ firm along with Mayank Dhurandhar. Mayank is jealous of Vikram but cannot deny his capabilities. Vikram’s world revolves around his wife Nayana & his daughter Devyani and owes his success to his wife’s sacrifices.

This perfect world of Vikram is now faced by turmoil. Devayani & Nayana start experiencing strange things.  These strange things have an appalling effect on the entire family. Who is behind all this? Is it Mayank’s plan or is it some secret from Vikram’s alternate life?

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