Aapki Antara 2 June, Episode 168 - 18:59

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Family Drama

Abhishek returns home to meet his mother. The visit brings a feeling of nostalgia in him, as he thinks about the precious times he had spent there with Antara, the sister he used to once love. Vidya has an emotional reunion with her son who had left her years ago. Antara is equally shocked and happy to see Abhishek and sees Aditya in him. However, Abhishek makes it clear that he has still not gotten over the hatred he has nursed for Antara for so many years. Abhishek tells Vidya that he does not have time to reminiscence about old times and has something urgent to discuss with Vidya. But Vidya says that they can discuss the true reason of his visit later. Stereo Audio

The story is about Antara who is an autistic child. Antara’s mother Anuradha who is a single mother, dies in an accident, so Antara’s father Aditya Verma brings her home. Aditya’s wife Vidya is unable to accept his illegitimate child. She even leaves the house with their son Abhishek. Everyone blames Antara for the family’s upheaval, but Aditya continues to love Antara unconditionally in spite of discovering the fact that Antara is autistic. He is supported by his only friend Sameer. Aditya’s sister Aarti who is married to Sameer dislikes Antara. Eventually, Vidya returns home and is unable to stop herself from showering her love on Antara. The neighbors and relatives don’t accept Antara because of her autism. Vidya’s childhood friend Dr. Vikram is Antara’s therapist. He also stands by Vidya whenever she is in need. Abhishek’s childhood friend Billu, who grows fond of Antara despite his mother’s attempts to keep him away from Antara. Abhishek dislikes the extra attention given to Antara.He feels ignored and hates Antara. Aditya dies due to cancer, entrusting Antara to Vidya. Vidya struggles to make the ends meet and tries her best protect Antara from the cruel world. The story highlights the challenges faced by an autistic child and her family in the society.

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