Dance Bangla Dance Junior 2012 5 April, Episode 56 - 59:08

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Dance Reality Show

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Dance Bangla Dance is back with its seventh season from 29th November every Thursday to Saturday at 9.30 pm. Excitement, Art and Entertainment ... the passion for dance in Bengal is going to be rekindled like never before. 

After the huge success of Dance Bangla Dance Jr – 6th Edition, we celebrate yet another year with the experience of entering the Limca Book of Records for a nonstop 126 episodes with the same set of participants, which has never been achieved before.

The greatest achievement of Dance Bangla Dance Jr 2012 has been to create a platform for children below fourteen years to showcase their talents as well as get a chance to win an unrepeatable experience. This time the show will have special treatment like always, capturing the little universal humane moments, the essence of entertainment. After all, the adjudicator, the Maha Guru of the show, is the greatest Bengali dancing star of all times, Mithun Chakravarthy himself! 

The judges of the show are Bengal's favourite stars, the ravishing Swastika and Ananya Chatterjee.

Young Bengal has got the dancing shoes out; Dance Bangla Dance Junior is back.

To follow the excitement of dance please tune into Zee Bangla from the 29th November 2012 every Thurs to Sat at 9:30 PM.

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