Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta 31 January, Episode 14 - 21:15

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Ghana calls Radha and tells her that he did not deliberately hide the fact that he has a huge family. He states that his family is his strength and he is proud of it, so he didn't have a reason to hide the fact. He ends the conversation saying that the alliance is broken now. Radha is left pondering over it. Ganga and Yamuna asks everyone's opinion about Radha. Shripad and Devki are glad that Ghana chose Radha. Kuhu is too shy to give her opinion. Ulka too is happy that Ghana has taken a rational decision. Ganga and Yamuna ask Supriya's opinion too. Supriya states that the family members have to accept Radha if Ghana has liked her. Ganga and Yamuna ask Vallabh's opinion. Vallabh states that Radha is a quiet girl compared to others. Vallari interrupts stating that Ghana too is better than others. She once again takes the opportunity to taunt Vallabh about his baldness. While Yamuna is asking Ganga if they have asked everyone, Dhyana decides to give his opinion. However, both of them run away. Devki seeks Mayi's permission to take Radha along with her for a small function at Mrs. Ghatpandey's house. Mahesh vents his frustration in front of Radha. Devki calls Mahesh and informs him that she wants to take Radha along with her for a function at Mrs. Ghatpandey's house. Devki says that she should've asked Radha if she likes such functions. Mahesh replies that Radha is very fond of attending such functions. He asks Devki to come in the afternoon to pick Radha. Ghana's colleague named Kumar asks him to give a treat. An irritated Ghana reveals that the alliance is broken. Devki comes to Radha's house to pick her. Radha is quite surprised. Just then Mahesh comes there and explains that he couldn't give the message to Radha as he was quite busy. He asks Radha to get ready while he makes tea. Radha then confronts her father. She asks Mahesh to tell Devki that the alliance is broken. Mahesh states that he does not wish to hurt Devki, and asks Radha to tell Devki about it.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri goshta is the story of two adorable people, Radha and Ghanashyam, who have their own aspirations and goals in life. Shyam dreams of making it big one day in the U.S in the field of Software, Radha herself has lived in hostels all her life, away from her small family of just her father and has been very independent and confident about her career moves and choices in life. Both these individuals hold similar thoughts about marriage: "Futile", "Pointless" and "Pressurising". They have been dodging their respective families that think they are soon passing the "marriageable age". In a turn of events, they find themselves sitting opposite each other to please their families and to consider each other for a life-long commitment. That is when both realize how they dislike the concept of marriage and how they are not even in love, forget that, they do not even like anything about each other!!! Full of light hearted moments, the story progresses as several comic situations arise in their life…

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