Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta 28 January, Episode 12 - 21:43

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Mahesh comes to meet Avinash to share his happiness about Radha's consent for marriage. Mahesh states that the alliance came through the matchmaker Kshetramade whom Avinash had shown Radha's photos to. Avinash tells him that he still hasn't sent the envelope to the matrimonial agency. Avinash takes out the envelope and is surprised to see Ghana's bio-data and job application. However, they accept it as a miracle. Avinash announces to the staff members about Radha's alliance being fixed. Manav is very sad to hear it. Avinash advises Radha to learn to adjust with her in-laws. The peon tells Manav that he should be happy for the one whom he loves. Manav suddenly cheers up. Devki tells Shripad that all the family members must be willing to meet Radha. She suggests that they should invite Radha and her father to their house so that the family members can meet them. She decides to call Mahesh. Mahesh tells Radha that he is very happy. Devki calls Mahesh and asks him if they can come over to their house. Radha tells him to refuse, but Mahesh agrees. Radha tells Mahesh that she is very busy. Mahesh seeks Avinash's permission to spend some more time in the office as he has to go to meet Radha's in-laws after that. Kuhu and Prabhat are happy that finally Ghana has consented for the marriage, so now even they can get married soon. Kuhu tells Prabhat that she had decided to address Ghana's wife as `Vahinudi' (sister-in-law). Ghana's colleagues are upset with him because he did not tell them about his alliance being fixed. They inform him that his mother had called to leave a message for him that Radha is coming to his house. Ghana calls Radha when she has already reached at the doorstep of his house. He wants to tell her that he has a big family, but she is unable to follow whatever he tries to say. Radha and Mahesh find the house too big for a family of four. Ganga and Yamuna welcome Mahesh and Radha.

Eka Lagnachi Doosri goshta is the story of two adorable people, Radha and Ghanashyam, who have their own aspirations and goals in life. Shyam dreams of making it big one day in the U.S in the field of Software, Radha herself has lived in hostels all her life, away from her small family of just her father and has been very independent and confident about her career moves and choices in life. Both these individuals hold similar thoughts about marriage: "Futile", "Pointless" and "Pressurising". They have been dodging their respective families that think they are soon passing the "marriageable age". In a turn of events, they find themselves sitting opposite each other to please their families and to consider each other for a life-long commitment. That is when both realize how they dislike the concept of marriage and how they are not even in love, forget that, they do not even like anything about each other!!! Full of light hearted moments, the story progresses as several comic situations arise in their life…

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